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The main purpose of this site is to present the Kash language, an invented, or constructed, language, a "conlang". It came into being as an adjunct to a science-fiction story I once planned out but never wrote... and the language proved to be the more interesting, so it lived on and developed, while the story retired to a corner of my imagination.

As for me, I'm a linguist by training, if only briefly by employment....I specialized in the comparative/historical linguistics of Indonesia (admittedly, to the casual observer, an obscure field), and at one point was reasonably fluent in Bahasa Indonesia-- whose influence shows up, of course, in Kash. At some later time, I hope to put up a bit more information about myself, my interests, and who knows what else.

Sende Kaç - The Kash Language

The Kash are one of two(oops) three intelligent, civilized species who inhabit a distant fictional planet, Chindu (that's the pronunciation in English; the preferred Romanization Cindu will be used hereafter); for a little bit about the planet and its people, go here. The remainder of this site is devoted to the grammar of the language.

  1. Nouns
  2. Verbs
  3. Numbers & 4. "pieces"

And eventually, but not quite yet:

The Lañ-lañ people and their language, Prevli



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