SUPPLEMENT to Añakrangota

(This Supplement begun Nov. 2009-- most of these words were created in the course of LoCoWriMo, a conlang writing cóntest carried out in Oct. 2009)


haram ADD: rukaram laca prepare (decorate) a table, as for a formal dinner

hiki, hiki-hiki (~ hikiki) to giggle; cakahiki overcome with giggling

hirak the ground; soil, earth

hiri-hiri onomat. whirring sound; as vb. to make such sounds (implies high pitch, see also huru-huru)

hirundet ADD: fang(s) of an animal

horem ADD: horekorem to die out (e.g. of species)

horok ADD: horoci a small bow of respect, mepu..., to do so

hukop ADD: añakukop (med.) bodily wastes, excreta

huru-huru onomat. whirring sound, as make such sounds (implies low pitch, see also hiri-hiri,

hutundu a desert (hot, dry) (< hutun tawu)


kacinda surface of the earth, "terra firma"

kaconji a disguise; as vb. to disguise (< kati+onji face pretend)

kambo ADD cakakambo formal (of usage, behavior etc.)

kambro DELETE/CHANGE TO andoro

kakici dentifrice, tooth-powder

kakambro CHANGE > karo, kakaro

(kandi) kandi-mulet back and forth (motion) ALSO ENTER SUB MULET

kanducangi (tech. med.) virus, non-bacterial disease-causing organism

kandri ADD: kandripun what if...? what about...? how about...?; kani-kandri (emphatic or angry)what on earth...? what the hell...?

kanget to decide; ...liri decide on... make up one's mind to...; anganget a decision; kakanget decisive (of one's actions); trakanget indecisive, wavering; catrakanget (of a person) can't make up his mind, dithering

karak to kick; karaki (n.) a little kick; (dat.+) cakarak (of a person) to get kicked

karendiya elsewhere, somewhere/someplace else-- near syn. of karinena, but more indefinite

karikarike (formal, legal) whoever, whosoever (declinable) see also ekari

karinena ADD see also karendiya

(kasi) add: kasi-casi aboriginal

kaçar soldier, in genl.; kaçambrut common soldier, enlisted man (< kaç samar)

kaçepombro (med.) X-ray (more similar to MRI); (< kaçet+pombro q.v.)

kavas (liri) be cautious; be careful of..., take care to..., watch out for... ; cakavas overly cautious, extremely shy in one's dealings; avas(ti)! interj. watch out! be careful!

kaya ADD to çukaya (as vt.) to figure (s.t.) out-- a rare case of an incho. form used transitively

kena ADD angena (physical or emotional) affect

kenda ADD: kenda-kenda to deal with, manage, overcome (e.g. a problem); pokenda-kenda manageable; trapokenda-kenda unmanageable (more emphatic with ca-)

kematromer (colloq. tromer) (lit., law-breaker) a criminal CROSS REF omer

kirik ~kiri-kirik onomat. for creaking noises; as vb. to creak, make creaking noises (also mepu...)

kocamar a cliche; formulaic expression. (kota+samar)

kopak ADD kopacarek strong-box, safe

kota ADD: kota-lafota(ni) (slang) pointless or rambling talk, blah-blah-blah, yada-yada

kotreñ to compliment s.o.; as adj. complimentary (e.g. kotaç kotreñ complimentary words); angotreñ a compliment; kotreñ mulet to give an insincere or back-handed compliment, to "damn with faint praise"; angotreñ mulet a "back-handed" compliment; cakotreñ (liri) to compliment excessively, to flatter, to butter up; trakotreñ uncomplimentary, unkind (usu. of words)

krici ~krici-krici onomat. for squeaking noises; as vb. to squeak, make squeaking noises (also mepu...)

krongo (onomat) grunt, to grunt

kulawu ADD see also kulunaya

kulunaya (biol.) species

kundi ADD: trakundi harmless, rundakundi to render s.o/s.t. harmless; pokundi vulnerable, trapokundi invulnerable, rundapokundi to render s.o./s.t. invulnerable

kupek to include; kupekni including...

kure ADD nayakure low status, socially inferior LIST ALSO AT NAYA


çakonji genl. term for the various spp. of saurians ("lizards") found on Cindu

canduyu (tech.) radiation (from radioactive or other source), < Gwr dzay dwiw 'living atom'

çanges a storm; stormy; various compds. e.g. çangeripa rain storm, çangenifa snow storm; çuçanges becoming stormy; cakaçanges caught in a storm, overtaken by...

çaram ADD añaçaram army, armed forces

çasi: ADD çasiyundu an oil-well

coco onomat. for sucking at the breast; (nursery speech) to suckle-- baby or mother may be subj. (syn. rupuso); (sexual slang) of a male, to give or receive oral sex

(çelum) add añaçelum aftermath

çunu ADD: çucunu various, diverse

çuña ADD: (legal) to arrest çuña-lipat to kidnap (tense marker added to lipat)


cango a group of..., bunch of... (usu. of people)-- (pejor. çako is related)

carekañu ADD: ca(ka)carekañu to find/summon up the courage (to do s.t.), to "screw up one's courage"

casi ADD as adj., original, first; kasi-casi (tech.) aboriginal

cati ADD: cakacati (yam...) to confront s.o. (implies hostility/aggression), mess with s.o., "get in s.o's face")

cemar ADD: 1, public square etc.. 2.. any large open area (non-agric.) used or constructed for some purpose; note compds. cembranip playing field, cematruwin airport, airfield 3. cemar puna  the large yard or other area around a large mansion; cemaci the small yard around a house of ordinary size

cinek emissary, representative, go-between etc. (< Gwr tsih neq 'sent person')

cinga: ADD cinga içun (colloq. cingiçun) to look around for (s.t., s.o.); cacingiçun look around anxiously, fearfully

ciñañol interstellar

ciyur ADD: me(ci?)ciyur (astr., tech.) to orbit; ciciyur to circle around s.t.; anjiciyur (astr.) orbit (n.)

conihin to be/get on top of s.t./s.o.; in wrestling, to pin one's opponent; caconihin fallen/pinned by s.t./s.o. on top of one (cosa+nihin)

cosingota (obs., literary) of course, "it goes without saying", mostly replaced by singoti(ni)

cosir ADD kecosir a subject (s.o. subject to a superior), a subordinate; employee (see also ......)

cun (temporal conj.) as..., while...

cunje a parka or anorak-- worn in cold climates; usu. of Gwr manufacture (< Gwr chiwng-jey blanket-coat)


ñakaçaka (railroad) locomotive, engine

ñimbuhi (more common colloq. ñimbuwi) (alcoholic) liquor, in genl.

ñondru galaxy; ñondruka galactic; ciñondruka intergalactic (< Gwr nyr du star land/country)

ñoros to be/feel relieved (of one's worries); añoros relief; cakañoros greatly relieved

ñukar to arrange, set up (e.g. a meeting, appointment); añukar an appoinment

ñupit ADD añañupit cultural


yalakat the windshield (glass or plastic) of a ñaki (yala+kandi)

yumbrandil a clearing in the forest (whether natural or created)

(yumbu) REVISE: ruñumbu to clear, to empty, as ... atel/puna to clear (out) a room/house, of junk/people; ... laca (idiom.) to clear a table (after the meal); ... ratu to clear a street/road (of people, vehicles), etc.; REFL + ruñumbu (of people) to remove o.s. from a place, depart, clear out (neutral connotations)-- colloq. nom. + cakañumbu is of similar mng. but implies speed or urgency, perhaps that the place/situation is unpleasant/dangerous in some way

yukar ADD: çuyukar (vi) to develop; ruñukar (vt) to develop; cakayukar highly developed, civilized; irreg. acukar development; (irreg.) añaçukar civilization

yunjaki a garage (where vehicles are kept)


(sañ) sandipo (adv.) just so, exactly so; sasandipo anyway, in any case

sanjeli frequency, e.g. of radio (saña+celi)

saren ADD ataren guidance; añataren principle

sawu ADD liquid, in genl.; çusawu (vi) to become liquid, liquefy; rutawu to liquefy s.t.; cakasawu (vi) to drown; of a boat, to sink; runjasawu (vt.) to drown s.o., s.t.; of a boat, to scuttle (sink deliberately) ADD comb. form su-; see also suvaka

selimbroç (geog.) (sea) coast

singoti(-ni) adv. of course, naturally (ult. < cosa inga kota 'goes without saying'); literary/obs. cosingota

sisa ADD sisaci affectionate; (nom. subj.) casisaci overly (annoyingly) affectionate, fawning over; with object, ...liri... to "be all over s.o."; (dat. subj.) be the object of unwanted affection;

supit special; susupitni especially

sutumar (med.) drug, in genl. (< sawu + var. tumbra)

suvaka underwater (vi., adj.); çusuvaka to submerge (vi); rutuvaka submerge s.t.


takan (tech.) a rocket (as motive force)(from the Galactic languate, tkan); aposi takan rocket ship (but there are more precise terms)

takiki ~takik (colloq.) 'no idea', also as ta (me, te, ne etc.) kiki 'I/you/he etc. has no idea' (may take tenses)

talap ~talambi (colloq.) no longer..., not...anymore (< ta lavi(ni), which may also be used)

tambok magnificent, impressive, imposing (< Gwr taq baw)

tanak ADD: tanakaya ~ tanatambra (colloq. tanambra) kerosene (="fuel+light" ~"fuel+lamp")

tandevas a feast, banquet; metandevas (vi) have/make a feast; (vt) to feast on...

tangi a recording (on tape, disk etc.) e.g. tangi-cika TV recording, videotape-- a colloq. term, but generally used, ult. < undangayi

taput (liri) to supply, furnish (with); andaput a supply/store of...; cakataput overstocked

tayoni the rest of... (< andayo remainder)

telañ ADD telandelañ (vt) to train; andelandelañ training; cakatelañ highly trained, expert

tevas ADD tetevas luxurious, andetevas luxury

tinda (colloq, slightly pej.) politics (as a profession); tindaka political, ketinda politician

tindor (liri) (be) responsible (for)--both 1. be the cause of... 2. have s.t. in one's care; andindor responsibility; çutindor to assume responsibility; rundindor to hold s.o. responsible, to blame; tindromer (legally) responsible, guilty; andindromer (legal) guilt

tikas ADD: titikas to notice, take notice of...., happen to see...

(timuhok: add cross ref to:) timuk (irreg. colloq.var. of timuhok) MOVE kandimuk HERE. ca(ka)timuk (dat.) be a chronic idler, a do-nothing, ne'er-do-well; (nom) to hang around, loiter; wait around (for no good reason), also applied to (illegal) “feather-bedding” employees who do no work but collect a paycheck --NB forms often co-occur with -po suffix, in which case the final -k is dropped

tingas, titingas to research, do research; anditingas (n.) research

tita ADD prakandita president, chief executive (non-political)

topimbañ hormone (< Gwr doyh pi:ŋ baŋ)

towikoñ protein (< Gwr doyh gÿ:ŋ life building-block)

tramba a lamp

tramit (vi) to dissolve; andramit solution (liquid); rundamit to dissolve s.t.; potramit soluble, tapotramit insoluble

trikañu CHANGE DEF: (lit., poke-mind) to give s.o. a quick telepathic message (usu. in the course of a verbal conversation)-- a reminder, a correction, etc.; or, to request such a quick message from s.o.

tromat ADD añandromat data, information (DON"T LIKE)

trumolu (manufactured) product (based on non-occurring noml. *añ+rumolu, see volu)

trundata an import (i.e. a product); as adj. imported (< putative noml. *añ+rundata, see rata)

trunjosa an export (i.e. a product); as adj. exported (< putative noml. *añ+runjosa, see cosa)

trupek to exclude, keep out; trupengi excluding; except (for) (prep.)

tumbra CHANGE: e andumbra (more common colloq. yandumbra) the art/science of medicine

tur ADD: turi-turi to hover (stationary in the air); andurin flight in genl., aeronautics


nana ADD: nanaç things, in genl., stuff

naya ADD: cakandaya (sociologic.) highly class-structured; in colloq usage, pej., "class-ridden"; pranaya (high) status, socially superior; nayakure low status, socially inferior

nimbis a pillow, cushion; nimbimi a small pad or cushion

ningar ADD: see also ningombra

ningombra (lit. body-dead) carcass, remains (of a dead animal; rude if said of humans)

nirit to control; çunirit (liri) to gain control (of...); andirit (n.) control; kandirit controller (person), apral kandirit device that controls; cakanirit said of s.o. who always wants to be in control, a contolling person.

(niçur ADD) a somewhat obs. form, found mostly in military contexts: traniçur cowardly, andraniçur cowardice; catraniçur overcome by cowardice, said of one who runs away from the battle, who refuses to do his duty.


rata ADD to arrive; andrata arrival

reçel ADD añareçel (n.) exchange

rembaci to scold; cakrembaci to get scolded; see rembak

rembak to punish; andrembak punishment; cakrembak get punished, suffer punishment (implies: severly), (legal) cakrembak-omer get "punished to the full extent of the law"

rikas (colloq.) a show, performance (e.g. on stage, TV, movie etc.) (ult. < rundikas to show, exhibit)

ro ADD: andoro a pair (additional material if any from kambro)

ruvon to rub, massage; andruvon a massage; kandruvon masseur/masseuse; cakruvon chafed, made sore by rubbing


lavi ADD lavi-lavi(ni) even more (of s.t.), lavi-lavinipo etc.

layot to plan, organize; andayot (n) a plan; planning, organization (of s.t.); kandayot planner

lecit to curl up (as some animals do when sleeping); as adj. curled up; lecikumbe (of animals or people) to cuddle together for warmth or affection

(leñ) lendaleñ (idiom) for good or ill

licucu mush (pej., usu. refers to food)

licun ADD andicun a puree; see also licucu

limbekuwa common pronunciation of elimbekuwa, q.v.

linde limited, restricted, constrained; (as noun) limit, restriction, restraint; rundinde to limit, restrict s.t., set a limit on...; tralinde unlimited, etc.; catralinde (pej.) unconstrained, knowing no bounds, "beyond the pale"

lipat ADD: cakalipat liri... caught up in..., involved (in a bad way) in...; cuña-lipat to kidnap

(lisam) lisandalisam (idiom) like it or not

(liya) ADD i liyani and others, et al.; et cetera, interchangeable with i lusokni q.v. sub lusok

liyalo(ni) (adv.) besides, (as prep.) aside from (+gen.) (NB liyaloni strictly speaking means 'aside from that', besides that')

(lolan) ADD andolan any sort of protective shield; see also lungara

lombi "the boss" (a somwhat disrespectful term, though sometimes used in informal situations; orig. < Gwr lÿŋ 'master, boss' + Kash -mi)

lomek ADD tralomek infertile (of soil); kralomek infertile (of people), unable to bear/conceive children

(londo) ADD rundondo laca (idiom) to set a table (with dishes, silverware etc.)

(loros) ADD rundoros to put s.o. at ease, to placate

lumbrelo afternoon, in genl. (orig. colloq., ult. < çelum cindero)

lungara (obs.) a warrior's shield

(lusok) ADD: i lusokni and so forth, i lusok liyani (idiomatic) and so forth and so on...


feliyo ADD: feliçi nonsense, foolishness

fonjip ADD: fonji-fonjip (police slang) to search s.o. (e.g. for a weapon) by patting them down

fosi ADD: aposi oprañol space-ship; aposi-inde mother-ship; aposici shuttle-craft (small space-ship for short trips)

foya ADD fofoya groggy, as when emerging from unconsciousness, or the effects of a drug

fum onomat. 'boom', sound of an explosion


palaraka imposing, impressive, majestic, splendid, magnificent (syn. tambok)

pambun to descend, come down; rumbambun to send/bring/down; to land an airship; ambambun descent

pambut to descend (in a family lineage); ambambut descent, heritage; anapambut descendant

pap onomat. 'plop'; cakapap (person as subj.) to plop down, e,g, on a chair; (thing as subj.) to plop s.t. down, set s.t. down suddenly/awkwardly

parun (liri...) solicitous, caring, sympathetic (toward...); to care (about); çuparun (liri) be/become concerned, worried about; feel sympathy for/toward...; cakaparun fawning, overly protective

pasop (vi) to fit (of clothing etc.); rumbasop to make s.t. fit, adjust s.t. to fit; cakapasop ill-fitting

patrun to care for (s.o.), take care of, ~attend to (s.o. or s.t.);

pembet common, widespread (rel. to tipevet)

pilen pocket (of a garment)

pindramba per thousand; (+ni optional) millage (e.g. in taxes)

pindrongo percent; as n., (+ni optional­) percentage

pitundo (med., sci.) a gene; pitundoka(le) genetic (< Gwr piq tu:ŋ doyh)

pociyo laboratory (slang poco) (< Gwr pòw tsi yò 'science work room')

pole ADD polepo, pole-polepo (colloq.) can/might just as well...

pombro (sci.) magnet, magnetic; ambombro magnetism

pongunak likely, probable (colloq. pongu, pongu-pongu); ambongunak likelihood, probability; ponguni probably; trapongunak (~trapongu) unlikely, improbable, andrapungo unlikelihood, improbability

pracaka a motor; as adj. motorized (< apral+çaka device power)

pranguci spark plug (of internal combustion engines) (ult. < apral+huça device fire)

prisi-prisi to pace nervously

priya, priye honorific full form of masc/fem. 3d pers. sing. pronoun; (inanim. priyu, seldom needed); case forms prini, prine, priyan; other hon.forms simply add pra- to the base form, thus prahat; plural prahila, pranila, pratila-- hon.full forms of 1st person pronouns are not used. CROSS REF iya

priyo CHANGE: ambriyo > agriculture; yumbriyo a farm

priyonek president (of a country)--this title is not used by the Kash; it is adaptation of Gwr hi hoq neq 'head man', + par- honorific part.

prundak the stomach

pun ADD pun pun if (...) at all, if any; pupum (liri/lire) (prep.) in case of...; pupumbo (adv.) just in case

puna ADD punakreci railroad station

pundriyuni in that case...; pundrayani in this case...

punjinek embassy (building) (puna + contr. of unjucinek, ult. < Gwr)

pupuñi (base *pupun does not occur) (prep.) in case of...; pupumbo (re) (adv.) just in case

puvaco (relig.) a hermitage where monks live (usu. small, in a forest) (ult. < puna facol)


marok ADD: mamarok elderly, of advanced age

maçan ADD: maçañi in turn

matra ADD matraçit to interrupt (someone's speech); ambatraçit interruption; camatraçit said of s.o. who constantly interrupts or butts in on a conversation; matrapin to interrupt (someone's train of thought); ambatrapin such an interruption, distraction; camatrapin thoroughly distracted

melu-melu news, news report (e.g. on radio)

meron to demand; amberon ~meron+poss. a demand; cakameron overly/obnoxiously demanding, bossy (related to mendro 'insist')

minja ADD to explore; ambinja exploration; search

(minjer) add: praminjer a government minister, head of a "cabinet" department

munducangi (med.) immune; (colloq.) munducák; ...+ni immunity; çumunducangi liri become immune to... ; (irreg.) rumunducangi liri (~rumunducák) to immunize s.o. against...; añamunducangi (-cák) immunization

munduk ADD to resist; see also munducangi

munis to solve, resolve (a problem); ambunis (re)solution (of a problem)

munjat to announce; ambunjat announcement; kambunjat announcer, master of ceremonies

muñas system (pl. muñaç)


valin ADD: çuvalin of time, to pass, elapse, e.g. çuvalin nim lero five days passed...

vangep to gather, amass, collect (things); vavangep (yam...) together (with...); amangep a collection (of things); kamangep a collector

(velu) ADD cavelu modern, up-to-date

vetrita ADD vetritaka governmental, official

vicupracu to shrug the shoulders

(vingas) ADD: travingas clear, without obstacles (e.g. a road, plan of action); çutravingas become clear, free of obstacles; rundavingas to clear, remove obstacles from

vole possible; çuvole become possible; rumole make possible; amole possibility; voleni possibly, perhaps. travole impossible (also has çu-, ruñ- verbal and añ- noun derivs.) catravole absolutely impossible, in no way....

volu ADD: añumbrolu manufacturing, industry in genl. ; añamolu product, in genl. see also trumolu

vorok ADD vorokni mainly, principally


(akram) akakram obvious; akakrañi obviously

(ambik) catrambik boorish, gauche; a boor

(ambu) cakambu overly liberal/permissive; (of a child) spoiled

ambum a bomb; evumbum bomb crater CROSS REF to evun

amut ADD añamut surface of a thing, in genl. (kati 'face' may also be used)

andet ADD andevetrita politics (the correct tech. term, equiv. to "political science"-- colloq. syn. tinda q.v.); kañandet scientist

anduyu (sci.) atom; anduyuka atomic, nuclear

anju ADD: anju-anjuni meanwhile, in the meantime; anjuci a little while, in/for a little while; ri anju anjuwe from time to time, occasionally

añomalut (astron.) a constellation (calque of Gwr ..... 'star picture')

añut a moment, point in time; instant; añutipo for just a moment; añut-añut instantly; añutni lus (the) last time (i.e. never again), as kandikre yahoremsa, ne maçindi añutni lus 'before he died, I spoke to him for the last time'-- contrast añutni cosa (the) last time, on a previous occasion; añutni rata (the) next time...; (interj.) añutipo! hold on! ~(wait) just a sec!

(ambu) ADD: andrambu (formal ) prohibition, s.t. forbidden (usu. by law, not usu. a socially or religiously based "taboo")

apik comfort; api-apik comfortable (subj. may be human or inanim, e.g. a chair)

(apral) ADD: aprangurip (celici) (electronic) communicator (alien term)

atel ADD: atenji any small habitable compartment or room (usu. refers to id. in a train car)


ile (ADD:) ile-ile to dig into; rifle the contents of s.t.; cakile-ile to dig into (one's food); get involved in (e.g. a project) with enthusiasm

iricañ to kneel (< ricañ)

iti ADD: appended after numerical expressions, ... or so, e.g. nim lero iti 'five days or so'

itindor DELETE/CHANGE to tindor

ivit a k.o. pan-pipes (Lañ-Lañ, < Prevli hibit/hifti)


ekari (the) one who..., whoever (declinable)-- if necessary to specify gender, ya/ye ekari; ekarike anyone who...; colloq., more common than karikarike

elal ADD (arrange) things

ele ADD ele-ele ombrum intestinal flora/bacteria

elimbekuwa (military) uniform; (servant's) livery-- often pronounced limbekuwa

(eme) ADD ememe as well as, in addition ~additionally

(enje) ADD enjangasi capital city of a country

eçulúk (med.) a blood-vein

eçutevas (med.) capillary


undangayi (colloq. undangi) to record (mechanically, on tape, disk etc.); kañundangi recorder (device); (compd. < rundana angayi copy life) see also tangi

unjucinek ambassador (diplomatic post), < Gwr dzu hu tsih neq lit., government emissary TENTATIVE MAYBE pracinek ????

upan ADD: to accept


(olama) ADD: olama cetre (religious) marriage ceremony; olama kombra (formal) funeral; olama aran naming ceremony ( baptism)

onam ADD onambut bi- or poly-sexual

(onde) ADD ondeka(le) (formal) internal

onocaki (med.) bacterium ~bacteria; germ(s)

oñe ADD: çukoñe to move or go aside/ to one side??? rumoñe to move/push s.t. aside, put s.t. to one side; cakoñe no longer under consideration; out of mind; in parliamentary usage, shelved/tabled, of a proposal

(opor) ADD: opokra(le) (formal) external; ADD añopokrinda space (beyond Cindu, but within the solar system) see also oprañol

oprañol outer space (beyond the galaxy); aposi oprañol space-ship

(oriyos) ADD añoriyos a religious order (there are several); oriyo common title and term of address to a monk


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