GWR VOCABULARY ==========================


All digraphs (except Cw- and Cy-) are unit phonemes; /ll/ represents a retroflexed dental with lateral release [d`l], /j/ is [dZ], /ch/ is [tS]; final /q/ is pronounced [ʔ]. Vowels: /è/ is anywhere between [E] and [æ]; /ò/ is [O]; /ÿ/ is barred-i [1]; /r/ is a retroflexed central vowel, like [3^] in rhotic English her.

The tones are: h = high, f = high-falling, m = mid, l = low, r = low-rising. Tone contours of compounds or phrases are written in parentheses after, so (mh).

ayh one
bawh great, imposing, magnificent
bèwl to teach
chÿngf to know (things)
dÿr there is not; (naw) dÿ + VB 'not [supposed] to VB'
dahl woman
dawh pron. 2nd pers.sing.
dayl to give, bestow, endow
-de (suffix, takes tone of preceding word) plural marker
di-da: (mh) rejoice, have pleasure
dil (prep.) locative-- in, at, on etc.
diwl motion, movement
do:ngr to play, do-do:ng lr (adverbial)
duÿhl existence, life
duÿngl guts, innards
duhh to answer, respond
dzihr to sing
dzol dead
e ya (lh) (part.) well now, well then
eqm (conj.) and
fiwm nasty, horrible, vicious; twisted, perverted
gam male
grm to do, act
guÿngl story
he: h interj. to call attention
hil personal article (here, what follows in "..." is a personal name/title/epithet)
jal (interrog) what?
jihl ear
jongr to dance
kom (part.) question marker (precedes, may follow)
kuÿf (n.) question
kwah same as, equivalent; ADJ kwa N 'as ADJ as N'
lahm to cut off, remove by cutting
layf (lit. 'things') pron., what, that which...
lengm quick, rapid
llangr beautiful
llaqr to tell (story), narrate
loyr the human body
mom 1st pers. sing pronoun
mrl (conj.) when, while
nÿm there is
naqm to hide
nawl not
ngwam real, genuine
nyangh to eat
ol (dem.) that
pèng-ting (hm) comrade, associate
peqm (vb) to perk up, prick up
pu:ngm reason, cause
qa:q-tay (mh) "heart, soul"
sÿqf pron. 1st
sa:ngl throw away
sèwm to watch, look at, observe
shÿngflong ago
shoh rel.pron, who, which, that
shoqm to open up
-so (emphatic part., takes preceding tone)
su:qm rule
tÿngm (conj.) but
tayf child
treqm to rip (redup, intensive)
trih (adv) then
tsah skin
-u (part., takes preceding tone) just, only
wa:qf (interj.) cry of pain, amazement
xweh to murder, kill violently
yem pron. 3rd pers.sing.masc.
yehl pron. 3rd pers. sing. fem.
yungr moor, wasteland