ay-nÿ gawngL iL pÿng niH tèyF, nÿ: iRF hi-de:F shiqH lèwF llè-llè nguL ye-hu nyaq-xwr. ---

mrL doq lèngF iL dzeng lliL, neq ta:qH iL ye-hu chang-huH joqR iL bu:qL, shwaH jo-juqL iF hi-de:F dr-hoq yòy kèH. ---

oH ye jawngL pih-bÿngH,L eq tra jihR nyaw-ngewM,L lòngH ku-shingL,M sha-shaH feqH sawngF. ---

oH ku-shingL,M tsaq-soH naw-L ju-ju-soL qoq mrL ye trong piwF ku-shing-huL,M ba:ng-huL. ---

hi-de:F gr dò-dòngL diwL, dayL pi-piqH dengF, na-na:q ping-pingH oH shwiR, dr nyaq-hu. ---

tÿng oH laq-laqH ku-shingL,M bawng dung loH, niqH lòngH oH dayL iL ye-hu tsung-dwi-huM,R buÿ-hu (pu:ng-hu nÿ-gr gawqL nÿng dwiR ). ---

ye shangH tsung-dwi-huM,R shr sheq ye-lòy-hu llang-bang-llangL, tÿng ku-shingL,M jaw-jawngL. ---

e-yaL,H hi-de:F treqH nyaq-hu eq dr bayR. ---

hu-huH mu-muL ye feq-feq pu:ng-hu ku-shing-huL,M nyaw-hu.


Smooth translation of the Gwr:

One early-morning in twelfth-month, there was this mail-delivery-person [postman] making his rounds in his car.

While he was stopped waiting at a traffic light, a person fell down in front of him there in the street; this happened while the postman was heading to the town square.

He [apparently the one who fell, but ???] had a flute, and one could hear the cries of a kusimi* apparently in distress.

The kusimi just sat, not moving at all, even when he tried to win over the kusimi's trust.

The postman made playful motions, offered a bit of food, finally he reconsidered the matter and went back to his car.

But that damned kusimi still wasn't satisfied, he leapt out of the tree onto the top of his umbrella (for it was sleeting).

He wielded his umbrella to defend himself as best he could, but the kusimi held fast, and so the postman retreated to his car and went home.

All day long he was bothered because of the kusimi's whining.

*kusimi: a small semi-tame cat-like animal native to Cindu; Gwr has borrowed the Kash word.


Not much to say about the grammar-- it's an isolating lang., basically SVO; adj-n, possessor-possessed; reduplication (full or partial) tends to intensify the meaning of the word involved. Subject pronouns are dropped if the context is clear. The superscript tone marks are as follows: H = high tone, F = high-falling tone, L = low tone, R = low-rising tone. Mid tone (M) is unmarked except when it appears in compounds, e.g. "tsung-dwiM,R"-- that means that tsung is mid, dwi is low-rising.

ay-nÿ one (indef), a certain...
ba:ngL trust (n.)
bangL good
bawng, dung adv. not yet, as compd., 'still not yet'
bayR house
bu:qL road
buÿ top surface of s.t.
changH face; front
dayL tree
dayL to give
de:F to deliver
dengF food
diwL motion, movement(s)
dò-dòng playful
doq to stop
dr to go
dr to return (to)
dwiR rain
dzeng to control
e-yaL,H narrative part., 'and so'
eq conj. and
feqH upset, bothered
gawngL early morning
gawqL much, a lot of
gr to do, act
hi- personal article, also forms agent nouns (takes tone of following word)
hoq head
-hu possessive marker (takes tone of preceding word)
huH all
iF this
iL locative prep.
jawngL have, hold
jihR to hear
jo-juqL,M then, at that time
joqR-lr there
juL to move
H plaza, square, open space
ku-shingL,M a small cat-like animal, semi-tame (< Kash kusimi)
laq-laqH damned, accursed
lèngF to wait
lèwF progressive marker, be...ing
llangL marker of superlative
llè to patrol, go round
lliL light
loH sated, filled, satisfied
lòngH (prep.) from, out of
lòyH (lit. 'body') lòy-hu '-self'
mrL when, while
muL day
na:q last
nawL not
neq person
nguL to use; with, by means of
niH two
niqH to jump
nÿ: there is/are (also > nÿ in certain idioms)
nyaq vehicle (old: wagon)
nyaw, ngewL onomat. for animal's whining etc.
nÿng ice, icy
oH that, the (def)
pi-piqH little bit
pih-bÿngH,L flute
ping-pingH to think over, consider
piwF to win over, persuade, entice
pu:ng reason, cause
pÿng marker for numbers from 11-19, teens
qoq (adv) even
sawngF danger, jeopardy
shaH to seem, to appear to be...
shangH to maneuver/wield s.t. (e.g. a sword or staff)
sheq to defend
shiqH mail, letter(s)
shr conj. in order to
shwaH to happen
shwiR condition, state of affairs
-so (part.) just, only (takes tone of preceding word)
ta:qH to fall down
tèyF month
tra-m be able
treqH to retreat, go back
trong to try
tsaqH to sit
tsung to protect; tsung-dwiM,R umbrella
tÿng conj. but
xwr motor
ye 3s. masc. pron, he
yòy center